Batemans Christmas Selection Box

Batemans Christmas Selection Box

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Batemans Christmas Selection Box

We have put together the Christmas Selection Box of Batemans Beers for you to enjoy or makes an ideal Christmas present.

A beer for each of the twelve days of Christmas. 

An introduction to our range of Real Ale in a bottle. Whether you are new to Batemans beers or a fan of our fine ales, this box is a great selection to enjoy or makes the perfect festive gift.


Contains the following:-
2 x Rosey Nosey

2 x Dark Fruits Porter
2 x Combined Harvest
2 x Triple XB (XXXB)
2 x Victory Ale
2 x Mocha

To add a bit of festive fun, we have included a bit of mystery in the box!

When the box is opened, it will reveal an insert numbered from 1 to 12.

So, whether it’s a present (or you have decided to treat yourself), there is a bottle for each of the 12 days of Christmas!

Why not have a bit of fun and go random, either by someone calling a number out, or by rolling a set of dice!

Of course, if you want to select your own beer the insert can be easily removed.

Tasting Notes

Our wonderfully full-bodied, dark amber Christmas beer. Brewed with pale, crystal and chocolate malts and English Golding and Challenger hops, it’s bursting with a spicy aroma and rich, fruity sultana and raisin flavours. A gift of a festive brew, if we do say so ourselves.

The original multigrain beer – a brewing first from Batemans.

This generously flavoured, dark golden beer is brewed with pale barley malts combined with wheat, oats and rye malts. It hits the mouth with a wonderful quenching flavour full of hops, citrus fruits and biscuit malts.

The bottled version of our award-winning tawny bitter. With three malts and three hop varieties, Triple XB is bursting with aroma and flavour. 

The delicate aroma of biscuit and fruit unleashes a distinctive peppery, fruit flavour, which is followed by earthy hops and a dry maltiness.

One of Bateman’s most popular beers. 

Victory Ale is brewed with pale and crystal malts and hopped with English Goldings and American Liberty varieties. A distinctive peppery hop and bitter orange aroma is followed by big hops and fruit flavours with a lingering hop bitterness. Set sail and enjoy.

Black in colour and creamy in mouthfeel, Dark Fruits is a delicious porter with a backbone of crystal, chocolate and roasted malts. It is packed full of delectable dark fruits for a slightly sweeter finish in this rich, nutty spiced beer. All in all, it’s the most moreish of dark beers.

MOCHA - 6.0%
Winner of the Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt – a coffee and chocolate stout sensation.

Mocha is brewed with genuine Arabica coffee, fine Belgian chocolate and locally-grown roasted barley malt. It is rich, dark, enticing and well rounded.

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