Batemans Beer Starter Kit T-Shirt **Deal**

Batemans Beer Starter Kit T-Shirt **Deal**

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Batemans Beer Starter Kit

Special Price Batemans Starter Kit with Retro T-Shirt
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We have put together a collection of Batemans Beers in one box for you to enjoy with the added bonus of a quailty Batemans Retro Pale Ale Cotton T-Shirt.

An introduction to our range of Real Ale in a bottle. Whether you are new to Batemans beers or a fan of our fine ales, this box is a great selection to own and enjoy.

CASE CONSISTING OF 12 x 500ml BOTTLES + 1 x T-Shirt

Contains the following:- 

3 x Skull & Hammers
3 x Triple XB (XXXB)
2 x Victory Ale 
2 x Dark Fruits Porter
2 x Mocha
1 x Batemans Retro Pale Ale Heavy Cotton T-Shirt (100% Cotton Preshrunk)

Tasting Notes

This pale, hoppy small batch American IPA is brewed and late hopped with American Hops to produce an aromatic nose, citrus taste and piney finish.

The bottled version of our award-winning tawny bitter. With three malts and three hop varieties, Triple XB is bursting with aroma and flavour. 

The delicate aroma of biscuit and fruit unleashes a distinctive peppery, fruit flavour, which is followed by earthy hops and a dry maltiness.

One of Bateman’s most popular beers. 

Victory Ale is brewed with pale and crystal malts and hopped with English Goldings and American Liberty varieties. A distinctive peppery hop and bitter orange aroma is followed by big hops and fruit flavours with a lingering hop bitterness. Set sail and enjoy.

Black in colour and creamy in mouthfeel, Dark Fruits is a delicious porter with a backbone of crystal, chocolate and roasted malts. It is packed full of delectable dark fruits for a slightly sweeter finish in this rich, nutty spiced beer. All in all, it’s the most moreish of dark beers.

MOCHA - 6.0%
Winner of the Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt – a coffee and chocolate stout sensation.

Mocha is brewed with genuine Arabica coffee, fine Belgian chocolate and locally-grown roasted barley malt. It is rich, dark, enticing and well rounded.

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