Batemans Yella Belly Gold Mini Cask
Batemans Yella Belly Gold Mini Cask

Batemans Yella Belly Gold Mini Cask

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Fresh Beer filled on your first available collection date.
8 days shelf life from fill date.
To be consumed within 2 days of opening.

Batemans Yella Belly Gold 5L Mini Cask

ABV 3.9%
Mini Cask containing 5 Litres 

Limited Stock & Availability

Tasting Notes

A golden beer brewed with American Cascade and Chinook hops for a refreshing citrussy flavour and crisp, dry finish. Yella Belly is the nickname for us Lincolnshire folk, but how it came about is the source of much debate and mystique. Some say it’s on account of the waistcoats worn by the old Lincolnshire Regiment, while others swear it’s inspired by the stained overalls of the county’s mustard pickers or, indeed, the bellies of our distinctively marked marsh frogs. Whichever it is, Yella Belly is certainly a beer that deserves its place in local history.

Keep cool but not chilled.
Our mini cask keeps fresh for 2-3 days once opened.
The shelf life/best before date of the mini cask is 8 days unbroached.

The mini casks are simple to use and no further equipment is required.
When you are ready to use, it is a simple three-step process. 

  1. Twist the vent tab on the top of the cask to release the pressure.
  2. Pull out the bottom tab to reveal the tap.
  3. Twist to pour.

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