Batemans Skull & Hammers Mini Keg

Batemans Skull & Hammers Mini Keg

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Batemans Skull & Hammers 5L Mini Keg

Wow ... we didn't realise how popular these little gems would be, they have literally flown out of the brewery. We now have more stock available but please be aware these may run out of stock from time to time, so order yours while we have stock to avoid disappointment, as they are selling fast!

Limited Stock & Availability

ABV 4.0%
Mini Keg containing 5 Litres 

Tasting Notes

We fuse the flavours from the Golding & Challenger hops in XB and Triple XB and with the American Citrus flavours in Gold, by conditioning and maturing them together at the Brewery for 7 days, creating a tremendous bond between traditional English Ale and modern American Pale Ales. The bitter-sweet, citrus fruit flavour gives way to a smooth aftertaste, making this is a really moreish beer.

Keep cool but not chilled.
Our mini keg keeps fresh for 3-4 days once opened.
The shelf life/best before date of the mini keg is 6 weeks unbroached.

The mini kegs are simple to use and no further equipment is required.
When you are ready to use, it is a simple three-step process. 

  1. Twist the vent tab on the top of the keg to release the pressure.
  2. Pull out the bottom tab to reveal the tap.
  3. Twist to pour.

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