J.E.Ridlington Passion Fruit Gin (70cl)

J.E.Ridlington Passion Fruit Gin (70cl)

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70cl Bottle 
Alcohol by volume: 40%

If you have ever been to Lincolnshire, there’s a very high chance you’ve enjoyed a pint of Batemans Triple XB or a Pin Gin G&T.

In 2018 Bottomley Distillers and Batemans Brewery worked together to create a Centenary Gin infused with Triple XB hops to celebrate 100 years since Batemans Brewery established J.E.Ridlington. To start a family of gins, Centenary Gin has now also been infused with Passion Fruit.

NOSE Sweet passionfruit with a hoppy undertone
TASTE Juniper at the front with a sweet middle and peppery finish from the Golding hops
FINISH Lingering sweetness, perfect for the sweeter palate

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